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Yucca rostrata

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Yucca rostrata is a tree-like plant that is wonderful for a container or for display in a sunny garden location. A native to Northern Mexico, this interesting species has a columnar shape and grows from 8 to 10 feet in height. The winter-dormant plant has a common name known as Beaked yucca. Belonging to the Agavaceae family, it has a slow growth rate and thrives well in full sun to partial shade!

Growth Rate
The Beaked yucca growth rate is quite slow.

This well-known compact plant produces eye-catching white flowers in the Spring. These delicate blooms are sure to give you some sophisticated vibes.

Once fully grown, the Beaked yucca tree won't require frequent watering and will thrive in a drier environment.

For this plant, the best soil is one that does not readily exhibit wetness, whether visually or when handled. So, a well-drained soil mix works the best for Yucca rostrata.

Yucca rostrata hardiness zone is 5 to 10. These drought-tolerant plants are frost-sensitive and cannot survive in temperatures less than 14° F (-10° C).

This plant species prefers to be kept in a sunny spot for a few hours each day. Place it in full sun to partial shade.

The Beaked yucca plant can be best propagated by seeds or cuttings.

This yucca that resembles a tree has a flawlessly symmetrical pom-pom shape and is an exceptionally attractive, slow-growing evergreen. Give the Beaked yucca plant a try!

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