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Unkillable Plant Bundle

$4.80 USD $140.00 USD Save $135.20 USD

If you’ve been responsible for more plant casualties than you care to admit, this plant bundle is made for you. Low effort and little responsibility are the theme of this (almost) unkillable collection, and each plant is known for being resilient and hardy. Included in this line-up of tough cookies is the ZZ Plant, Parlour Palm, Vriesea Astrid and Snake Plant.

All coming with their own gorgeous, perfectly-fitting pots, ready to be styled in your home as you wish. Even better you save 20% when bought all together.

Plants Included: Snake plant W12, Vriesea Astrid W12, ZZ plant W17 and Parlour Palm W17.

Note: Plant and pot substitutions may be made based on availability.Pots included are a mix of recycled plastic and ceramic.

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