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Trichodiadema densum

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Trichodiadema densum appears similar to a cactus but it is not one. It belongs to the Aizoaceae family. The common names of the succulent are African Bonsai and Miniature Desert Rose. This succulent is characterized by a mat-forming growth with thick fleshy foliage. Stiff hairs grow on the leaves while the stem is woody. This summer-dormant plant is native to South Africa, the Bonsai African grows to a height of about 4 inches or 10 cm.

Growth Rate

This is a slow-growing succulent.


Trichodiadema densum bonsai flowers in late winter. The flowers are vivid carmine-pink colored.


The Trichodiadema densum watering needs are - regular watering but lighter than other plants during the winter and spring. Reduce watering in summer.


Keep the soil for the succulent well-drained. Sandy and loamy soil types are the best options.


The hardiness zone for this succulent is 9b to 10b. It is slightly frost-hardy.


One essential aspect of Trichodiadema densum care is its light needs. The succulent needs full sun to thrive well.


The best way for Trichodiadema densum propagation is via cuttings or seeds.

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