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Tanquana hilmarii

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Tanquana hilmarii is commonly known as Pleiospilos himarii. A member of the Aizoaceae family, this succulent is very small and soft-skinned. It does not grow more than 3 cm which makes it the smallest species in the genus. It grows in a cluster often and is unbranched. The entire body is covered with green-grey or brownish-purple dots. The leaves are triangular, plump, and have rounded tips. During fall, the plant bears yellow flowers that have a strong spicy smell. This plant is native to South Africa. It loves plenty of sunlight and is majorly not frost-friendly. The plant is known to have a fast growth rate.

Growth Rate

Tanquana hilmarii has a fast growth rate.


During autumn, the plant bears yellow flowers that have an intoxicating spicy scent.


The plant requires light watering as it is accustomed to drought conditions in its native habitat.


The soil for Tanquana hilmarii should be loam-based and free-draining.


The hardiness zone for the Tanquana hilmarii succulent is 10b to 11b. It is not frost-hardy.


This plant grows happily when exposed to plenty of sunlight.


Seed germination is the ideal way to propagate Tanquana hilmarii.

The Tanquana hilmarii is used to a rocky climate like its native habitat. The place where it grows hardly receives rain. Thus, you need to be careful when watering this succulent. Get your hands on this wonderful-looking species now!

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