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Sempervivum rojo red Hens and Chicks

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Sempervivum Rojo Red is an attractive succulent plant that is well known by its common name ‘Hen-and-Chicks’. This plant contains more than 40 species, native from Southern Europe. The Hen-and-chicks succulent has amazing dark red foliage leaves. Growing up to 4-6 inches tall in height, this variety of succulents belongs to the Crassulaceae family.

Growth Rate

The growth rate of Sempervivum Rojo Red takes a long time to grow. Hence, it is a slow-growing succulent plant.


The Hens and chicks bloom in light pink rosettes during the spring and summer seasons.

Water and Feeding/Fertilizer

The process of watering these plants is done by using a soak and dry method. It needs less water and overwatering should be avoided.


Sempervivum hens and chicks need well-drained soil with an acidic neutral or alkaline PH balance.


This ​Sempervivum species belongs to the hardiness zone of 7-11 and has a frost tolerance of 10° F (-12° C).


This succulent plant needs light sunlight. It is easy to grow and looks adorable when it matures.


Hens and chicks propagation is possible by seeds or offsets.

Sempervivum Rojo Red is a great addition to a variety of settings. It is a perfect option for expanding your succulent collection or to give as a gift to your loved ones.

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