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Rose Detective Agency Book Nook Kit (Sherlock Holmes Inspired)

$5.99 USD $64.98 USD Save $58.99 USD

Take a leap into the thrilling world of Sherlock Holmes with our Rose Detective Agency Book Nook Kit! Retreat to a place where time has stood still and uncover hidden clues in an aura of secrecy with a magnifying glass and detective's device. Embark on a fascinating journey of code-breaking and unravel unsolved historical cases with the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes as your guide. Enjoy the exclusive experience of a luxurious investigation and unravel the truth of the 2-story design Rose Detective Agency. Unlock secrets in the building such as doors that can be operated through knobs and secret passageways within the room.   

Step into the thrill of a sophisticated investigation to uncover truths and unlock the kit's many mysteries!

  • FUN DIY EXPERIENCE - This Book Nook comes with all the parts needed to be assembled. You can do this without any experience, the clear illustrated manual will guide you step by step to complete the miniature kit.
  • EXQUISITE DECORATION - This Book Nook is more than just a DIY book corner project,  it's also an exquisite collection and decoration. The miniature world contains wonderful & rich scenes. It brightens the mood every time someone looks at the vibrant corner of the bookshelf. The added dust cover keeps the interior scene clean and complete, giving it a longer-lasting collection.
  • Comfortable LED Light & Touch Switch - The comfortable LED light enhances the display and ambiance of the miniature world; This bookshelf insert is upgraded with a touch switch, which is very convenient and effortless to turn on and off.
  • PERFECT GIFT - No one would refuse such a creative and wonderful gift! This is more refined than an ordinary handicraft. In addition to experiencing the fun of DIY, it can also be used as an ornament. Buy it as a thoughtful gift to family & friends and it's guaranteed to be appreciated.

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