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Pleiospilos nelii Royal Flush

$2.20 USD

Pleiospilos Nelii 'Royal Flush' also goes by the name Split Rock. This succulent grows 3.2 inches tall. Belonging to the Aizoaceae family, the succulent offers a dormancy of winters and is egg-shaped. Split Rock is native to South Africa.

Growth Rate

Even though super easy to take care of, Purchase Pleiospilos Nelii 'Royal Flush' is both slow to grow and slow in size too.


The deep rose-colored flowers with a white centre appear in early spring. They are daisy-like and open in mid-afternoon, closing just after sunset.

Watering and Feeding

Caring for split rock plants is easy. Water the plant only when the top layer of the soil has dried up. You can feed it with light fertilization but strictly during the active growing period only. Overwatering can lead to split rock plant rotting.


Any store-bought potting soil mix can work well for Split Rock. The addition of sand or other aeration-promoting additives will help it grow fast and with efficiency.


The succulent has been trained to survive outdoors with a hardiness zone of 9 to 10. However, be careful if the temperature drops below freezing since it has a frost tolerance of -1° C.


From spring till autumn, the royal flush likes full sun and bright light for as long as possible. Due to its compact shape, the plant can do well if grown under a bright LED growth light.


Use seeds or division to propagate in early spring, before the new growth starts. Do not divide clumps too often since the plant grows best when crowded.

This is one of the few succulents that do not have a fixed blooming season. Did you know that the plant can sometimes get confused and start flowering in Autumn instead of Spring?

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