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Pithecellobium flexicaule "Texas Ebony"

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Pithecellobium flexicaule is used to grow in desert landscapes. It is native to Texas and Mexico. Belonging to the Leguminosae family, the Texas ebony plant may not grow as tall as its native region which is almost 15-30 feet tall. The winter dormant tree loves the full sun and blooms in light yellow to white-colored flowers from late summer till early fall. The foliage of Texas ebony trees
is characterized by innumerable short branches covered with tiny dark green Texas Ebony leaves and leaflets.

Growth Rate
Texas Ebony bonsai tree has a slow-growth rate.

Light yellow to white flowers fill the Ebony Texas tree from late summer to early fall.

Watering and Feeding
The best way for Texas Ebony bonsai care is to water it as little as possible because it is highly drought-tolerant. Reduce the watering frequency further in winter.

Texas Ebony plant needs well-drained soil. Keep the soil mix on the alkaline side.

The hardiness zone of the Texas Ebony lies in the 9b to 11. It is not frost-hardy.

The other aspect of Texas Ebony tree care is offering full sun to filtered shade.

This tree can be propagated from Texas Ebony tree seeds.

Texas Ebony tree pros and cons are quite interesting. The dark green Ebony tree in Texas is known for its loving shade, and even though it is native to arid landscapes, it lines many a street in Mexico and Texas. To create a naturally shaded place in your garden with added security and aesthetics, the Texas Ebony tree is a perfect choice. The black shells of the seeds replace coffee at times, while the Texas Ebony seed pods are eaten by locals.

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