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Silver Madagascar Palm - Pachypodium geayi

$2.24 USD

Looking for a unique and low-maintenance plant that's sure to turn heads? Look no further than the Pachypodium geayi - also known as the Silver Madagascar palm!  This is not the main but a less popular but still beautiful variety

With its adorable, grey-green leaves and striking flowers in vibrant colors, this unusual plant is sure to be a conversation starter. Believe it or not, Madagascar palms are succulents. It gives every section of your house a touch of tropical flare and botanical fascination, whether it's a succulent or a palm.  

Pachypodium is a plant with a thick, swollen stem that serves as a water reservoir and provides structure and strength. There are two species, Pachypodium lamerei, and Pachypodium geayi, which require the same level of care and differ in color.  

But what makes it unique! is how simple it is to maintain; it only needs a little watering and  These plants prefer a well-drained soil mix with  which is easy to find at Planet Desert.  Additionally, it is a species that requires little care and is incredibly drought tolerant. You can quickly expand your collection with just a few easy steps because the Madagascar palm tree is incredibly simple to propagate from cuttings. 

Hailing from Southwest Madagascar and reaching heights of 4 - 6 ft. indoors and 24 ft. outdoors at maturity, this succulent is sure to make a statement wherever it's planted. However, it's important to note that this plant is toxic for humans and pets, so handle it cautiously!  

Be sure to add Pachypodium geayi to your collection today and elevate the beauty of your home or garden, with this stunning looking plant. 

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