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Operculicarya pachypus

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Operculicarya Pachypus belongs to the Anacardiaceae family and is native to Madagascar. Offering a dormancy of winters, the plant can grow up to 4 feet tall. It is cone-shaped and looks like an odd bonsai tree.

Growth Rate

Along with its amazing regenerative properties, the Operculicarya pachypus growth rate is relatively slow and grows at its own pace. However, in about 10 years, it can outgrow its indoor location.


In the later winter, you will see small yellow-green flowers blooming. The branches are differently colored and the green leaves are tiny.

Watering and Feeding

It likes a lot of water in the warm summers. During the winter they may go dormant, so water less during this period. Regularly feed the plant with a normal fertilizer for better Operculicarya pachypus care.


As with all succulents, fast-draining potting soil is what this plant enjoys. Avoid peat and amend the soil with drainage material like pumice or peat.


Keep in mind that the hardiness zone of Operculicarya Pachypus is 10b to 11b. It cannot withstand freezing temperatures and has a frost tolerance of 1.7°C.


Along with a warm temperature, Operculicarya Pachypus likes full sun to light shade. Since it thrives in dry temperatures, the plant is tolerant of direct sun.


Use Operculicarya pachypus seeds or cuttings to propagate this plant. The most practical approach is to break off a piece of its root and let the tiny leaves form off the tip in about three weeks.

Operculicarya Pachypus are perfect for busy people who don’t have too much time to water and care for their plants but who want to have a little bit of greenery in their living or working environment.

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