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New Home Bundle

$43.00 USD $215.00 USD Save $172.00 USD
You’ve got the keys, we’ll cover the plants! Moving home can be stressful, but luckily we’ve got one thing ticked off your list. Simply unpack to find six gorgeous, low-maintenance and easy-care plants to decorate your new pad with, along with perfectly-fitting pots. This bundle is the perfect gift for anybody you know who is moving on up or moving on out!Even better you save 20% when bought all together.

Plants Included:Prayer Plant W12, Snake Plant W17, Fiddle Leaf Fig W17, Calathea W12, Boston Fern W12 and Fishbone Cactus W12.

Note: Plant and pot substitutions maybe be made based on availability. Pots included are a mix of recycled plastic and ceramic.

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