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Hybrid Mother of Millions ‘Kalanchoe houghtonii’

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If you are looking for a unique hybrid plant that will make your neighbors envious? Introducing a stunning Kalanchoe houghtonii, a hybrid plant between the (Kalanchoe delagoensis) and the (Kalanchoe daigremontiana). 

Kalanchoe x Houghtoniihas several common names, such as Mother of Millions Hybrid, Mother of Thousands Plant (alligator plant), Bryophyllum x Houghtonii, Kalanchoe hybrida, Mexican Hat Plant, Good Luck Plant, Houghton's Hybrid, and Mother of Thousands Houghtonii. This summer-dormant succulent plant has its origin in Madagascar and South Florida and belongs to the Crassulaceae family.

Kalanchoe houghtonii is a monocarpic succulent (they flower once and then die) with boat-shaped leaves that have serrated plantlets produced at the edges. These leaves range in color from emerald and green to brownish-green and feature purple splotches beneath or at the leaf base. These hybrid small plants have an upright, unbranched stem that can grow up to 48 inches tall. 

The flowers of the Kalanchoe houghtonii grow in clusters of small tubular flowers in orange and pinkish-yellow shades from late winter to early spring. This Kalanchoe succulent has no branches and becomes a must-have once it starts blooming. The Kalanchoe houghtonii plant is growing slowly.  

In terms of care, the Kalanchoe houghtonii prefers minimum water like other plants. The best way to water your hybrid mother of millions is to use a soak-and-dry method. This Kalanchoe variety should escape excess organic content in the soil. They need a . This succulent plant belongs to the hardiness zone of 10 to 11 and frost tolerance of 50° F. Kalanchoe houghtonii plants need full to partial sun. They need at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight to grow. If growing indoors, the Kalanchoe houghtonii needs a sunny windowsill. During their growing season, use a liquid fertilizer NPK once a year with a balanced ratio (5-10-5). 

It is easy to propagate the mother of Millions hybrid through seeds and stem cuttings. It does not need repotting. Once you have Kalanchoe houghtonii succulents in the garden, you will surely want more of them. These eye-catching showpieces are a must-have. 

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