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Monadenium stapelioides

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Monadenium stapelioides (Euphorbia neostapelioides)

Monadenium stapelioides (syn: Euphorbia neostapelioides) is a glabrous succulent perennial herb, branching at the base of a large fleshy rootstock and forming a domed cushion to 60 cm in diameter. This beautiful Monadenium produces many multicolored stems. The stems tend to flop over and hang with this species.
Flowers: white or light pink, they are small but interesting and showy when produced in large numbers. Leaves are produced at the growing point, but they last only one season. The leaves are succulent and shot through with purple-pink streaks through the light green background, making this a beautiful species. There is considerable variability in the diameter of the stems, number and size of tubercles, shape of leaves, length of inflorescences. This variability is so completely intergraded that difficult to establish varieties; one geographically limited form (forma congestum) combines thick stems and very numerous, small tubercles with lanceolate to almost subulate, terminally crowded leaves.
Cultivation and Propagation: Whether all-green, or variegated, these succulents are easy to grow, give plenty of sun outside in winter, morning sun only outside in summer, and full sun if grown indoors. Give water only when quite dry during the growing season. Barely water them in winter when they enter semi-dormancy.

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