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Mead of Poetry Hooded Blanket

$7.84 USD $97.95 USD Save $90.11 USD

This Blanket is lovingly handcrafted for you in beautiful California, designed by a professional artist and spun with premium-grade fabric, making this blanket ultra-soft and warm. Be warned; puppies might get jealous.

MicroFleece: 100% microfiber fleece. Lightweight, moisture-wicking, anti-fray, and incredibly smooth on your skin.

Sherpa: 100% polyester inner lining, silky micro-mink finish. The Sherpa blanket has a rustic softness similar to sheep’s wool.

Artwork Meaning:
The Mead of Poetry Range is inspired by the Norse myth of the divine nectar bestowing wisdom and creativity. Each piece is meticulously crafted with unique bindrunes and artwork, connecting you to the legendary mead's magic. Adorned with the essence of Odin's quest, this collection weaves petroglyph-style motifs, tracing his transformative journey for enlightenment. As you wear these designs, you embrace Norse mythology's essence, invoking the pursuit of wisdom and poetic inspiration. Celebrate myth and craftsmanship with the Mead of Poetry Range, letting Odin's quest guide your creative journey.


  • Anti-shrink and quick to dry, ideal for indoor and outdoor use while whip-stitch finish adds an authentic artisan feel.
  • Never fades, peels, or cracks, and keeps its original softness. 
  • Sublimation-printed, not screen-printed, meaning you’ll enjoy incredibly vibrant, long-lasting colors and tones.
  • You’re wearing something meaningful, supporting an artist who genuinely cares.

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