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Marble Queen Pothos

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Height (Inc. Pot)

This plant originates from French Polynesia and, as its common name would suggest, has a beautiful marbled effect on its leaves. The Marble Queen pothos is very easy-going and easy-growing and its trailing vines make quite the impact.

Not just a pretty face, the Marble Queen pothos is a fantastic air-purifier, removing common household toxins from the air.

If you notice brown leaf tips, this means the air is too dry for your plant. Remedy this by misting the leaves and showing it a bit more humidity.

How to Keep me Happy

Light: I like bright indirect light, but ok in shadier spots
Water: Let me dry out between watering
Expert Level: I'm perfect for those new to plant parenthood
Sizing: W12cm x H20-30cm
Air-Purifying: I remove the nasties lurking in your room
Pet-Friendly: Keep me out of reach of furry friends and little people

Decorative pot not included.

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