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Lapidaria margarethae

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Lapidaria margarethae is a winter-dormant plant with its origin in South Africa. The interesting succulent from the Aizoaceae family is known by its common name “Beestebul”. Growing up to 2-3 inches in height, these plants form rosettes of fleshy leaves. Lapidaria margarethae grows beautifully when given proper care.

Growth Rate

Beestebul plant is fast-growing. They are perfect for adding an ornamental look.


This succulent plant blooms in lovely pink or white color from late autumn to early winter.


These plants must be watered every few days during their growing season. Make sure to not let the water sit in the soil for too long. The need for watering is dependent on humidity levels.


Lapidaria margarethae succulent does better in a well-drained soil mix.


This plant is hardy in zones 9 to 12. It has no frost tolerance. So, it is better to plant this variety indoors if you live in areas with temperatures −4° C or 39.2° F.


Beestebul houseplants grow well in full sun. They like bright sunlight and perform better when given the right conditions to thrive.


The best way to propagate Lapidaria is from seeds or cuttings.

Lapidaria margarethae “Beestebul” is an attractive plant for home décor. Give this succulent a try!

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