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Labyrinth Leggings

$5.60 USD $69.95 USD Save $64.35 USD

Greek inspired, Labyrinth Leggings.

These leggings are handcrafted using four-way stretch premium fabric – for extra comfort, softness and versatility, they also feature a vividly rendered design by a professional apparel artist making them stylish enough to wear anywhere.

In Ancient Crete, Greek Mythology tells of Queen Pasiphae's union with a bull which resulted in a half-man, half-bull creature. King Minos chose to conceal the Minotaur, born from this union, within Daedalus' intricate Labyrinth at Knossos Palace. The Minotaur was fed with the lives of Minos' enemies, trapped in the labyrinth's inescapable complexity. Adorning these leggings is a design capturing the labyrinth's complexity, intertwined with Greek-inspired motifs. Depicting the valiant yet unsuccessful attempts to conquer the beast, the artwork commemorates the struggle against the Minotaur's menace.


  • Four-way stretch fabric spun with a premium blend of 88% microfiber polyester and 12% spandex. Making them flexible while flatlock stitching ensures the leggings won’t tear. 
  • Sublimation-printed, not screen-printed, meaning you’ll enjoy incredibly vibrant, long-lasting colors and tones.
  • You’re wearing something meaningful, supporting an artist who genuinely cares.

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