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Kedrostis africana

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Kedrostis Africana is a caudex-shaped plant that is also known by the common nameBaboon's Cucumber”. It belongs to the family of Cucurbitaceae and is a winter-dormant plant. Baboon’s Cucumber is native to Nambia and South Africa. While the succulent can grow up to a height of 20 feet (6m), the caudex is about 20 inches (50cm) in diameter.

Growth Rate

While the succulent grows at an extremely slow rate, you can increase the speed of growth to an extent. The right amount of water, warmth, and fertilizer might do the trick.


Kedrostis Africana produces green-yellow to whitish-cream colored flowers. The leaves are green and triangular in outline.

Watering and Feeding

Give it frequent waterings during the summer and keep it drier during the winters. Kedrostis Africana is often known for its ability to be self-fertile.


Let the plant grow in a porous and slightly acidic soil medium. However, change the soil regularly. This will strong base for the growth of the plant.


Since this is one of the pickiest plants out of the lot, its hardiness zone falls between 10a to 11b. The frost tolerance of Baboon's Cucumber falls between -1.1° C (30° F) to 10° C (50° F).


While a sunny position is preferred by Kedrostis Africana, place them in a way that they are away from the direct blasting sun, especially during the summer season.


All you have to do is take a sharp knife to cut a stem at the base. After letting it dry for a day, insert the stem into the soil and watch it grow.

If you do decide to buy this succulent, you will have an amazing time both growing it and watching it grow.

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