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Kalanchoe luciae flapjacks

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Kalanchoe Luciae goes by common names “Flapjacks” and “Northern white lady”. Having a clustered shape, the succulent seems to form a thick basal rosette of large and rounded leaves. This beautiful plant has its origin in Africa and belongs to the family of Crassulaceae. Kalanchoe Luciae offers a dormancy of summers and can grow from 30 cm to 60 cm in height.

Growth Rate

Flapjack succulent is extremely slow-growing and takes a while to mature even after daily nurturing.


This variety of Kalanchoe is known for its white and pale yellow-colored flowers that bloom between the season of late winter and early spring.

Watering and Feeding

Water this houseplant only when the soil is completely dry since overwatering can lead to root rot. Feeding can take place once a month in the summer and spring seasons.


Well-drained soil is ideal for the water to drain at a moderate and balanced level. Excellent drainage with sandy potting soil is the perfect combination.


The Northern white lady plant grows best in summers, keeping in mind its frost tolerance of -6.7° C (19.94° F). Moreover, it belongs to the hardiness zone of 9 to 12b.


Kalanchoe Luciae requires full sun to grow properly. While it performs best in bright light, try and avoid direct light during the summer season.


The Flapjack plant can be propagated from cuttings. Once you remove a leaf from the main plant, put it in well-drained soil only after a few days of it getting calloused. Once the soil dries out completely, water it.

Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, Kalanchoe Luciae “Flapjacks” is one of the most well-scented plants. The best part is that the flowering of this plant persists for a long time, pretty much until the whole plant finally dies.

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