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Kalanchoe humilis desert surprise

$2.20 USD

Paddle shaped blue-green leaves with spectacular purple markings.

The brown/purple blotches need light to develop fully.

Cultivation and propagation: It is very easy to grow and drought-resistant, it makes an interesting plant in any collection and is rewarding. It is also easy to take care as indoor plant.

Exposure: It takes a good deal of sun, though still prefers some shade.

Watering: It needs moderate watering in autumn and spring while in summer it should be watered thoroughly and allowed to dry before watering again. In winter give only occasional watering (only when the plant starts shrivelling), but it will generally grow even in winter if given water. These plants will survive on neglect

Frost resistance: It prefers intermediate to warm temperatures but it is hardy to -2 ° C for short periods.

Use: It is an ideal plant for containers or rock gardens.

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