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Haworthia parksiana

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Haworthia parksiana

Origin and Habitat: endemic to the area between Mossel Bay and the Great Brak River. Haworthia parksiana is possibly the rarest haworthis species and occurs only in very small numbers in the wild.
Habitat: It grows not far from the coast, embedded in the ground completely under the protection of bushes, very well hidden under the fallen leafs or among lichen and moss. It receives some rain throughout the year, but the climate is particular dry.

Description: Haworthia parksiana is a very small species that will form clusters or mounds with triangular, recurved leaves. Slow growing. When grown in full sun the leaves can get very dark.

Rosettes: Acaulescent (stemless), proliferous, compact that lie flat and open, only 1-2(-4) cm in diameter and barely 10 mm high
Flowers: Few, narrow, whitish with dull green veins.
Cultivation and Propagation: Haworthia parksiana is a slowly growing and relatively difficult species to grow well, and at only 2,5 cm or so when fully grown, but in a few years it will form small cluster.
Propagation: It can be propagated by offsets.

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