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Haworthia limifolia variegata

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Haworthia Limifolia Variegata is commonly known as ‘Fairy Washboard’. This winter-dormant succulent plant forms rosettes and grows up to a height of 36-48 inches (90-120 cm). The leaves are cream and green variegated, triangular to ovate-lanceolate, trying to spread, and also very wide at the base. Haworthia Limifolia has its origin in Southeastern Africa and belongs to the Asphodelaceae family.

Growth Rate

Haworthia limifolia plants are small in size and have a relatively slow-growth rate.


The flowers have the appearance of a bright white star with a yellow center. Blooming takes place from mid-spring to early summer.

Watering and Feeding

In the summer, water Fairy washboard plants evenly, allowing the soil to dry between waterings. Reduce watering to every other month in the winter and never let water accumulate in the rosette. During the summer growing season, fertilize with a cactus fertilizer.


Use a cactus mix or sand-based potting soil that drains quickly.


This variety of Haworthia is drought-tolerant. As a result, it has a frost tolerance of 10° C (50° F) and belongs to the hardiness zone of 10b to 11.


Haworthias require bright indirect light sun exposure all day, but not long periods of direct light.


Fairy washboard can be propagated by pups that form around the main plant. Simply uproot the pups once they reach one-third the size of the main plant and transplant them to a new pot.

Haworthia Limifolia Variegata or ‘Fairy Washboard’ looks great on side tables. Wrapping the topsoil with white stones to generate an aesthetic contrast is a good way of highlighting the leaf patterns. For a more modern aesthetic look, plant it in geometric monochrome planters.

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