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Haworthia cymbiformis variegata

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Haworthia Cymbiformis Variegata is commonly known as ‘Haworthia’ and belongs to the Xanthorrhoeaceae family. The height of this summer-dormant plant reaches up to 1.5 m, with its native Garden origin.

Growth Rate

The growth rate of this Haworthia succulent is slow.


The beautiful Red to yellow-colored flower blooms from April to June, making the Haworthia Cymbiformis plant more adorable.

Water and Feeding/Fertilizer

During hot days, a good amount of water is enough to keep the leaves shriveling. But wait until the soil is dried out. Do not overwater the plant.


The Haworthia cymbiformis variegata do not like to keep its roots wet for a long period of time. So, use well-drained potting soil.


This succulent plant prefers warmer temperatures. It belongs to the hardiness zone of 10a to 11b and has a frost tolerance of -5° C (23° F).


Like other plants, this variety of variegated Haworthia also needs full sunlight. It is better to keep it in a brighter spot.


Haworthia propagation is done through offsets as it is the quickest method to expand these species. They can also grow through leaves and seeds.

Haworthia Cymbiformis Variegata is an enticing and good-looking succulent plant for indoor and outdoor. You can maximize your plant collection with attractive variety.

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