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Haworthia attenuata concolor

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Haworthia attenuata concolor has its origin in South Africa. Belonging to the aloaceae family, this plant is characterized by bright green leaves, pointed in structure with raised white dots all over. This variety of haworthia does not require much care as it grows well, even when neglected. The winter dormant species thrive in full sun exposure and grow up to a maximum height of 4 inches.

Growth Rate

Haworthia concolor is characterized by a slow growth rate even though it is low-maintenance succulent.


The blooming season is spring when white-colored flowers appear to add to this plant’s beauty.

Watering and Feeding

This amazing succulent has ‘soak and dry’ needs, typical of cacti. The cacti should be watered when the soil is completely dried. Even though Haworthia attenuata is not care-sensitive - it will die if overwatered.


Haworthia attenuata concolor thrives well in a typical succulent potting mix. Ensure that the pots have good drainage points and the soil is gritty & well-drained.


This Haworthia species has a hardiness zone of 10a to 11b. As it is not very cold hardy, keep this plant indoors if you live in a place where temperatures reach below freezing levels.


This succulent thrives well in full sun exposure. Since it is mostly kept indoors, ensure that the plant is heartily exposed to the sun.


Haworthia concolor can be propagated from offsets and seeds.

Haworthia attenuata concolor makes for a good gifting item. This not-so finicky succulent is good to grow indoors, at home, or office.

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