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Gasteria glomerata

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Also commonly known as the Ox Tongue plant or Kouga gasteria, Gasteria glomerata belongs to the Asphodelaceae family. This is a stemless succulent with rounded clusters or small rosettes formed by its grey-green strap-shaped leaves. It is a native of South Africa, growing as high as 1.5 cm to 4 cm. It is a slow-growing plant and is not frost-hardy. In spring, it bears inflorescences that are covered by pendant-shaped orange flowers. The dwarf ox tongue succulent prefers shade for best growth but should be exposed to at least two hours of sun. it is winter-dormant.

Growth Rate

This is a slow-growing succulent.


The Ox Tongue succulent bears inflorescences in the spring season which are covered by small pendant-shaped orange flowers.


Water the succulent once or twice a month. Feed it liquid organic fertilizer during the growing season.


The soil for the dwarf ox tongue succulent should be gritty and well-drained. The soil should be two parts sand and one part clay or loam.


The hardiness zone for ox tongue is 9b to 11b. It is not frost-hardy.


Gasteria glomerata prefers shade but needs a bit of full sun exposure too so that the roots do not rot.


The best way to propagate the succulent is via seeds or leaf cuttings.

Caution: Gasteria glomerata is a non-toxic succulent. But the sap can be irritating for some. It is best to wear gardening gloves when handling the plant.

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