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Euphorbia xylophylloides

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Succulent Euphorbia xylophylloides, a native of Madagascar, belong to the Euphorbiaceae family. The plant is commonly known as Milk bush and exhibits non-symmetrical growth. It is a one-of-its-kind plant that has no leaves but only branches. The plant body has green, flat, ribbon-like stems that have upward & lateral growth. These branches usually form a crowned shrub, but many times can develop into a huge tree. As a result, the milk bush plant grows up to 5 meters under domesticated conditions, but in native conditions can grow up to 20 meters. Between late spring to early summer, the plant bears yellowish hairy flowers. It is slightly frost-hardy and exhibits fast growth. It requires bright indirect sunlight for optimal growth.

Growth Rate

Euphorbia xylophylloide is a fast-growing plant.


Euphorbia xylophylloides blooms between late spring and early summer into yellowish hairy milk bush flowers.


Euphorbia xylophylloides care tip: The plant should be watered regularly in summer. However, it would be best if you care for the plant- don't let the water stand at the roots of the plant. In winter, you should reduce watering.


Whether Euphorbia xylophylloides indoors or outdoors, the soil should be an airy medium. Mix non-organic materials like peat, lava grit, clay, etc., into the soil to make it well-draining.


It is a slightly frost-hardy plant with a hardiness zone of 9b to 11.


The plant needs the bright indirect sun for optimal growth.


Propagation is done via cuttings.

Euphorbias usually ooze toxic milky sap causing dermatitis in many people. It can have severe effects, too, like causing blindness. Hence, caution is advised while handling this plant.

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