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Euphorbia pachypadioides

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Euphorbia Pachypadioides is a desirable plant with its origin in Western Madagascar. These winter-dormant succulents develop pachypodium-like stems with attractive blue leaves. Euphorbias belong to the Euphorbiaceae family.

Growth Rate

This succulent plant is slow-growing and requires low maintenance.


Euphorbia Pachypadioides blooms in stunning red and purple colors from spring to summer. The colorful flowers are sure to brighten up your gardens.


These plants should be watered during the growing season in summer. Reduce watering during winter as it can lead to root rot.


Like other succulents, this houseplant also thrives the best in a well-drained soil mix.


This variety is hardy in zones 10a to 11b. As it is frost intolerant, it is better to plant these succulents indoors if you live in regions with temperatures 77° F (25° C).


Euphorbia Pachypadioides likes to be grown in full sun. It prefers lots of bright sunlight but can do well in moderate shade as well.


The easiest way to propagate Euphorbia plants is from cuttings.

Euphorbia Pachypadioides is a must-have for succulent lovers. The bright blooms are easy to notice and make the plant stand out.

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