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Euphorbia leucodendron crestata

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Euphorbia leucodendron is known by its common name “Stick Plant.” It is a small tree or shrub with narrow cylindrical and spineless branches. These winter-dormant succulents can reach 4 to 6 feet in height. With their origin in the Madagascar region, Euphorbia leucodendron plants belong to the Euphorbiaceae family. These succulent plants have a huge, clean, and vertically stacked landscape appeal.

Growth Rate

Stick plants have a fast growth rate and rapidly grow into a large landscape in just 3-5 years.


Small reddish or purplish flowers appear at the tips of the stems that bloom in the summer season.

Watering and Feeding

During the active growing season, water daily. In the winter, keep it almost dry. Watering must be done with care.


Euphorbia leucodendron requires well-draining soil. For planting in pots, you can buy specially prepared cactus soil, or you can mix in sand, small stones, or volcanic rock for good drainage.


This plant is cold tolerant and has a frost tolerance of -7° C (19.4° F) with a hardiness zone of 9a to 11b.


These houseplants prefer full sun to thrive which means a minimum of six hours of strong sunlight most days.


Vegetative propagation is the most common method of propagating Euphorbia leucodendron. This is fulfilled through cuttings, in which several inches of stem with leaves are cut, and allowed to heal for a while.

Euphorbia leucodendron “Stick Plant” is an easy-going and low-maintenance plant that everybody should have in their house. Also, a great option to gift your near and dear ones.

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