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Euphorbia horrida

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Euphorbia horrida is a spiny succulent shrub with irregular basally clumping stems. In age it will forms tight clumps of upright columns up to a meter wide that closely resemble some cactus species. It also has clustered crowns of somewhat ferocious spines much like the true cacti.

This succulent plant blooms in a very small green-yellow color in the summer season.

Water and Feeding/Fertilizer
The area where this plant is native receives rains in both winter and summer, so it can be watered moderately all year around (except in the coldest month of the winter as it rot easily especially if over wet ) During the summer, they enjoy average feeding and watering.

It is a pretty easy species, it grows well in a very draining mineral potting substrate, but it isn't picky about soil.

Mature healthy plants are tough and can also be grown out of where frost is not too severe, it can tolerate temperatures down -4°C (-10° C if the roots are kept dry).

It likes light shade to full sun, but different clones vary in their tolerance of full sunshine. The general rule is that the smaller and rounder the variety, the less it can tolerate full sunshine.

The African Milk Barrel plant can be propagated from seed sown during spring or summer.

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