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Euphorbia enopla

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Milk Barrel and Pincushion Euphorbia are the two common names given to Euphorbia enopla. This winter dormant plant is native to South Africa and can grow up to 60 cm tall. The pincushion plant is fan-shaped and belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family.

Growth Rate

The Euphorbia enopla cactus is a slow-growing succulent. However, once the plant becomes bigger, it will slightly increase its growing speed as compared to when it was young.


The Euphorbia enopla flowers of the plan can be yellow or red for male and female flowers respectively. The stems have pinkish-red spines that grow from all sides.

Watering and Feeding

All you have to do is ensure that the top two inches of the soil are never dry. Water accordingly. Between spring and fall, feed the plant with a fertilizer that is diluted and in liquid form.


For your Euphorbia enopla, you can mix the soil with sand and add a bit of perlite. Mix your potting soil and regular sand in a proportion of 50-50.


In a best-case scenario, the pincushion plant has a frost tolerance of -2°C and a hardiness zone of 9b to 11b. The succulent is fairly flexible when it comes to the climate.


Milk Barrel is a plant that needs abundant light. Either keep it under the direct sun outdoors or put it in a well-lit room indoors. If you plant it near the window, rotate the pot a little every day.


Euphorbia enopla propagation can be done through seeds and stem cuttings. It is difficult for the seeds to germinate quickly and so this is considered a tough method.

For most houseplant owners, the characteristics of the pincushion plant intrigue them to make this plant an essential part of their succulent collection.

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