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Euphorbia anoplia tanzania zipper plant

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Euphorbia Anoplia resembles a zipper and so, is also known as the Tanzania zipper plant. This winter dormant plant is native to Africa and belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family. This tall and leafless succulent can grow about 1 inch.

Growth Rate

This stemless succulent is a slow grower. While its growing speed can slightly increase in warm temperatures, it generally grows at an extremely slow pace.


Small purple flowers may appear on the top of the plant during the spring and summer growing seasons. Sometimes, red-colored flowers appear as well.

Watering and Feeding

Water once a week throughout the year, but reduce frequency during the winter since the soil will soak up water slower. Purchase a fertilizer with less nitrogen and more nutrients for additional tanzanian zipper plant care.


While a sand and soil mixture is always preferred, the soil should also be capable of completely draining the necessary amount of excess water.


With a hardiness zone of 9b to 11b, Euphorbia Anoplia requires much warmer temperatures than cooler ones. It is better to not expose the succulent to colder temperatures as it has a frost tolerance of 0°C.


Euphorbia Anoplia required indirect sunlight so that it can receive nutrients but also stay safe. For best results, place in a partially lit and partially shaded area.


The ideal time to propagate your succulent is from early spring to late winter. For Tanzanian zipper plant propagation, you can use division, seeds, and vegetation for propagation.

Euphorbia Anoplia is one succulent that responds well to extra care. The more you care for the plant, the more benefits you will get to reap. Your efforts will pay off when you get to see its vibrant appearance and long-lasting nature.

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