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Edithcolea grandis

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Edithcolea Grandis is a monotypic genus that includes only one species. This bush-shaped plant is commonly known as the ‘Persian Carpet Flower’. The summer-dormant plant is occasionally grown as an ornamental in desert gardens around the world and originates from South Africa. Persian Carpet can reach up to the height of 0.25 m and belongs to the Asclepiadaceae family.

Growth Rate

Edithcolea Grandis is a sturdy and slow-growing plant.


This plant blooms in November-April and produces Pale yellow flowers with reddish-brown spots.

Watering and Feeding

Persian carpet flower requires moderate watering throughout the growing season. It enjoys plenty of water and fertilizer in hot weather.


As the roots of this succulent plant are shallow, use a succulent mix or supplement regular potting soil with extra perlite or pumice.


Edithcolea Grandis is cold-hardy and has a frost tolerance of 15° C (59° F). It belongs to the hardiness zone of 10b to 11b.


This plant requires Partial shade or light shade sun exposure.


It is simplest to use stem cuttings as a propagation for the Persian carpet. Allow a day for cuttings to dry before planting. Stems must be laid on gritty compost before rooting from the underside.

Edithcolea Grandis is an amazing succulent. It can be a good decor piece for your home or office.

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