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Echeveria setosa

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Echeveria Setosa, also known as the Mexican Firecracker Plant is spoon-shaped and belongs to the Crassulaceae family. As the name suggests, the succulent is native to Mexico and offers a dormancy of winters. Echeveria can grow up to 2 inches in height.

Growth Rate

While slow growing, echeveria setosa is also a straightforward growing plant. Until full bloom, the plant grows as much as 2 cm every day.


The urn-shaped Echeveria setosa flowers will be red-coloured with yellow tips. They will grow in clusters during the spring and summer seasons.

Watering and Feeding

To give the best echeveria setosa care, water the succulent when 1/3rd of the soil has dried out. In summers, increase the frequency of watering and reduce it during the winters. Use a balanced liquid fertilizer but keep in mind that excess feeding can kill your Echeveria.


Use plenty of sand to ensure quick drainage. Ideally, a cactus and succulent soil mix for your firecracker plant will work wonders.


Thriving in warm temperatures, Echeveria Setosa should be kept at a temperature of 65-75° F during the day and 50-55° F at night. The succulent can withstand temperatures as low as -3.9° C to 10° C and belongs to a hardiness zone of 9b to 11b.


Bright light and 4 hours of direct sunlight each day are what will make the firecracker plant display its best colours.


You can choose from the methods of Echeveria setosa propagation - offsets, leaves, or stem cuttings! No matter which method you choose, keep in mind that the offsets will take their own sweet time to grow.

The short branching stems and fleshy green leaves are what set the mexican firecracker plant apart. Whether planted indoors or outdoors, its maintenance is very easy and straightforward.

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