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Ebracteola wilmaniae purple

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A common name is Prince Albert Vygie.

Ebracteola has a gorgeous, thick root system and when it is potted up, the plant can be progressively raised over the ground so that some of the roots can be seen and is especially cultivated for their looks. Architecturally it is a real stunner. When the "caudex" shape of the raised roots is adequately in evidence this plant is incomparable. They also tend to grow more "heads" when they are raised.

Cultivation and propagation: It is easy to grow and rewarding plants than can be grown in pots or in the rock-garden. They can be watered year-round, water regularly from spring to Autumn but reduce watering frequency in winter. Growth period is early Spring to late Summer. Keep them cool, and half-shaded in summer, needs full sun or light shade during the other seasons. Requires good drainage.

Frost tolerance: quite frost hardy and grows best where there are cold winters (it is reported to be hardy to at least -10° C if very dry).

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