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Dyckia platyphylla

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Dyckia platyphylla goes by the common name ‘Wide leaf dyckia.’ The plant has its origin in South America. It goes dormant in scarcity of water and revives fast with regular watering. The columnar shape of the plant gives rise to clustered rosettes. The plant has typical deep green leaves with silvery scales and white teeth on the edges. Belonging to the Bromeliaceae family, the Wide Leaf Dyckia grows to a height of 6 to 12 inches even though it exhibits a slow growth rate. The plant goes dormant during winters and demands full sun exposure to partial shade for healthy growth.

Growth Rate

Dyckia platyphylla is slow-growing though it thrives in clusters.


The plant hardly flowers, but when it does, red/yellow/orange flower stalks appear. The blooming season is spring.

Watering and Feeding

This adorable plant requires no water during winters or just enough to ensure that the leaves do not wither. During spring and summer, moderate watering is advised.


Dyckia platyphylla grows happily in well-drained, balanced succulent mix soil.


The hardiness zone of dyckia platyphylla is 9b to 11b. The otherwise frost-hardy plant can tolerate lower temperatures. It has a frost tolerance temperature of 4 °C (39.2 °F).


Wide leaf dyckia grows well in full sun to partial shade.


Dyckia platyphylla can be propagated from leaves, seeds, cuttings, and offsets.

Wide leaf dyckia is an excellent add-on to your outdoor garden. It shows robust characteristics when taken good care of.

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