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Discorea sylvatica

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Cultivation and propagation: Dioscorea sylvatica responds well to cultivation and makes an easy and wonderfully unusual houseplant. Plants even five to ten years old are extremely nice. Vigorous, annual climbing stems can grow to as much as 4 or 5 meters in a season, however these can be trained quite comfortably around a wire hoop set in a pot when grown indoors.

Exposure: It prefers light shade but keep the caudex in the shade.

Waterings: It needs moderate to regular water. Slow down or withheld water when the tuber is dormant in summer (after shedding its leaves). It will start growing again in Autumn. Watering can recommence once the plant has shown signs of producing a fresh shoot.

Hardiness: It is easy to grow if a winter temperature of 5° C can be maintained.

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