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Cyanotis somaliensis

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Cyanotis Somaliensis goes by the common name “Pussy Ears”. It is a spreading perennial plant with a trailing growth that is ideal for hanging pots. The plant has its origin in East Africa and belongs to the family of Commelinaceae. Cyanotis Somaliensis offers a dormancy of summers and it can grow up to 12 centimeters in height.

Growth Rate

While Cyanotis Somaliensis grows at a slow pace, it is one of those rare plants that is the happiest and the most attractive when fully grown.


Cyanotis Somaliensis is known for its light mauve and blue-colored flowers that bloom during the spring season.

Watering and Feeding

Water Cyanotis Somaliensis in the spring and summer seasons but ensure that you do not let the roots stay wet for a long time. This can result in rotting. The plant prefers general house plant fertilizers. Feed it during spring & summer and let it rest during autumn & winter.


When outdoors, make sure the soil is drained and moderately fertile. When indoors, use a potting mix for soil.


The plant grows best in summers, keeping in mind its frost tolerance of -5° C (23° F). Cyanotis Somaliensis belongs to the hardiness zone of 10a to 11b.


While the plant prefers full sun exposure, it can also grow well in medium sunlight. In case it does not get enough sunlight, it can get distorted with long stems in between leaves.


Propagation can take place through tip cuttings. It happens when a stem with at least 3 pairs of leaves is cut off and placed in a well-drained soil mixture.

Also known as kitten ears, this plant is delightful in appearance and does not require much nurturing. The bright and fuzzy green leaves look ideal in hanging baskets or well-maintained pots.

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