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Crassula Silver Springtime

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Crassula 'silver springtime' is a hybrid of garden origin. It belongs to the Crassulaceae family. The foliage is green, somewhere between matt and dark green. The plant grows erect in a triangular shape to a height of approximately 15-20 cm. Also, commonly known as Silver Springtime, the plant bears pink flowers every spring. It is a slow-growing plant. This summer-dormant Silver springtime succulent needs full sun for optimal growth. It is slightly frost-hardy.

Growth Rate

Silver spring time succulent is slow-growing.


Crassula springtime flowers during the springtime in pink color.


Crassula springtime care includes offering the plant enough water but abstaining from overwatering. The succulent should never sit in water. The best method is to soak and dry for watering.


This succulent needs a typical cactus or succulent potting mix for healthy growth. It should be well-drained.


The plant is slightly frost-hardy. The hardiness zone is 9A - 11B.


Crassula 'silver springtime' needs full sun for optimal growth. Ideally, this plant is better grown outdoors where it is exposed to the sun throughout the day.


Crassula 'silver springtime' can be propagated from offsets, leaves, seeds, and cuttings.

This succulent has minimal care requirements. By planting it outdoors, you will add a good flowering succulent to your garden.

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