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Crassula oblicua Lemon n Lime

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Crassula oblicua Lemon n Lime goes by the common name “Lemon and Lime Jade” This succulent is spoon-shaped. The plant originates in South Africa and is a Crassulaceae family member. This winter-dormant plant can grow up to any height between 120 to 180 centimeters.

Growth Rate

Crassula oblicua Lemon n Lime is considered to grow at a moderately fast rate.


When the flowers do start to grow in the summer season, you will see pink-colored flowers with beautiful creamy yellow stripes.

Watering and Feeding

Water regularly in the growing season but water with caution in the winters. If grown in a container, water in a way that the bottom is immersed in water. Feed the plant once or twice during the growing season with a fertilizer that is specifically formulated for succulents.


Ensure the soil is a perfect mix of both sandy and gritty. Since the plant is extremely sensitive to root rot, excellent drainage is a must.


Crassula oblicua lemon n Lime grows best in the summer season. Talking about its frost tolerance, it needs to maintain a minimum temperature of -5° C (23° F). The hardiness zone is 9a to 11.


While the plant thrives in full sun, they can do well in partial shade too. Try to keep the plant cool during the summers and reduce the number of hours it gets direct sunlight during the hottest days.


The succulent can be propagated from cuttings. Cut the roots and plant the leaves in sandy soil where they will take root and propagate soon.

What sets Crassula oblicua Lemon n Lime apart from most succulents is that the Lemon and Lime Jade Plant is widely grown across the globe and is not at all challenging to cultivate.

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