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Cowboy Cactus Tall

$5.60 USD
Height (Inc. Pot)

The quirky Road Kill Cactus Tall is exactly as you might imagine from its slightly amusing name - the iconic cactus, but just a little flatter! This tall cactus is a real statement plant, with its flat fronds and bumpy texture, this stylish plant looks great paired with a colourful pot to really let it steal the show.

This spineless cactus can grow up to 20 foot tall in the wild, in its native home of Puerto Rico, where it grows into a more tree-like structure.

Super easy to care for, you can't go too wrong with this cactus. It adores bright sunlight, and can even handle a little direct sun, so let it enjoy the occasional sunbathe. But just watch you don't overwater it - it really does only need watering when its soil is completely dried out.

How to keep me happy

I like light bright, indirect light and can even cope with occasional direct sunlight
Water:Let me dry out between watering
Expert Level:I'm perfect for those new to plant parenthood
Sizing:W17cm x H50-60cm
Air Purifying:I remove the nasties lurking in your room
Pet-friendly:I'm safe around your furry friends and little people

Decorative pot not included.
Please note number of plant stemsmay vary from image.

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