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Cotyledon Ladismithiensis

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Cotyledon Ladismithiensis is an evergreen succulent from the Crassulaceae family. Having its origin in South Africa, this houseplant has a beautiful elliptical shape. Its common name is “Bear's Paw”. Cotyledon Ladismithiensis are dormant in the winter months and grow up to 1 meter in height. This charming succulent can be a nice showstopper in your plant collection.

Growth Rate

Bears Paw plant is relatively slow-growing. It thrives beautifully when given proper care.


This succulent type blooms in bright orange color from winter to spring. The flowers look colorful and give a refreshing feel to any space.


These plants like regular watering during their growing season. Allow the roots to dry out between watering and do not overwater.


Cotyledon Ladismithiensis should be planted in a well-draining soil mixture. As this plant is prone to root rot, this mix does well for it.


Bears Paw Succulent is hardy in zones 9b to 11b. This variety is frost intolerant. So, if you live in cold areas with temperatures less than 30° F (-1° C), it is best to plant this succulent in an indoor environment.


This houseplant grows to its best potential in full to partial sun. Place it in bright sunlight for better results.


This interesting succulent can be propagated from cuttings or seeds.

Cotyledon Ladismithiensis “Bears Paws Plant” can give any room or garden a much-needed lift. Low-maintenance and easy to care for.

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