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Corpuscularia lehmannii

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Corpuscularia lehmannii is a brilliant succulent originating from South Africa. This winter-dormant plant is well-known among gardening enthusiasts and is noted for its fleshy grey-green leaves. The common name of this easy-to-grow succulent is “Ice plant”. Belonging to the Aizoaceae family, this fast-growing species grows up to 20 cm in height. It is perfect for beginners and grows well in indoor settings!

Growth rate

The Ice plant is compact in size and has a fast growth rate.


Corpuscularia lehmannii flowers are yellow in color. You can witness the beautiful blooms in Spring.


It is ideal to utilize the "soak and dry" technique, letting the soil entirely dry out in between waterings. Avoid overwatering. It is interesting to note that when this plant is prepared for water, it will wrinkle its leaves.


The Lehmannii Ice plant prefers sandy and gritted soil. It is sensitive to root rot; therefore, good drainage is important.


This succulent variety is hardy in zones 9a to 11. Place these plants indoors if you live in areas with a minimum temperature of 23° F (-5° C).


Ice plants thrive well in direct sunlight, although they can also withstand partial shade. Remember that if you transfer them too rapidly from shade to full sun, they may get sunburned.


Corpuscularia lehmannii can be propagated with ease by cuttings as well as seeds. However, cuttings have an easy time growing roots.

Container gardens, rock gardens, or hanging baskets are excellent options to grow Corpuscularia lehmannii. This succulent looks appealing and is low maintenance.

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