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Ceropegia radicans

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Ceropegia radicans, a native of the East Cape in South Africa, belongs to the Apocynaceae family. This slow-growing plant grows in a prostrate form or as a creeper serving as a good ground cover. The dark green leaves of the succulent are heart-shaped. Commonly known as the Lantern Flower, the plant’s unique feature is its eye-catching blooms. The white-colored lantern-shaped flower has a cage-like appearance with green and burgundy spots. They have a swollen tube at the base that splits into five lobes at the top to re-join at the tip. The plant grows only about 20 cm tall and needs partial shade for best growth.

Growth Rate
This is a slow-growing perennial plant.

During Spring and summer, which are blooming seasons, the plant bears a cage-like flower on an inflorescence. It is white with green and purple spots.

Watering and Feeding
Not very demanding, the plant requires a medium level of watering. Water the plant at least thrice a week and ensure that the soil is dry between waterings. Reduce watering to once a week during winters.

The Ceropegia radicans requires a free-draining soil mix.

The hardiness zones of the Ceropegia radicans is 10a. It is slightly frost-hardy at the temperature ranging from 30 °F to 35 °F ( -1.1 °C to 1.7 °C).

Offer this succulent medium sun exposure and partial shade.

Stem cuttings and seeds are ideal for propagation.

This slow-growing, hardy vine is an excellent addition to your succulent addition. Get your Lantern Flower at the best prices from Planet Desert.

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