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Senecio Articulatus

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Senecio Articulatus
Origin: South Africa
Description: Also known under its full name, Senecio articulatus f.variegatus and common names “candle plant”, “hot dog cactus”, or “causage plant”. This is a charming, colorful variegated form of Senecio. Leaves are tricolour green, creamy-white and pink-violet. It can form a sprawling clump of 8”-16” high by 12”+wide. It loses its leaves and goes into dormancy in summer, but sprouts again in time for winter.
Sun Exposure: Full sun or partial shade.
Waterings: Prefers to be on the dry side with good but infrequent waterings. Less water during winter. Avoid very humid conditions as it is an easy-to-rot succulents. No water should ever be allowed to stand around the roots.
Blooming Habits: Small yellow-white cup-shaped flowers can come in clusters at the end of a long stem. (Mostly in winter time).
Hardiness: USDA Zones 9b to 11b from 25 °F to 50 °F


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