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Bursera hindsiana copal

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Bursera hindsiana copal, commonly known as ‘Red torchwood’, belongs to the Burseraceae family. A native of Mexico, this winter-dormant plant grows up to 4-12 ft. in height. Bursera hindsiana is a drought-resistant shrub that is perfect to have.

Growth Rate

The growth rate of Bursera hindsiana is fast.


The beautiful flowers bloom in white color throughout the autumn season.

Water and Feeding/Fertilizer

Bursera hindsiana needs regular water. During summers, sufficient watering encourages faster growth.


The Red torchwood plant does not need specific soil texture, but well-drained soil is essential to germinate.


This succulent is hardy in zones 9b to 10a and has a frost tolerance of -4°C (24.8°F).


These plants need full sunlight to grow.


The propagation of the Bursera hindsiana copal is possible through seeds and cuttings.

The Red torchwood plant can be a nice décor piece to place in any corner of your home. Like other succulents, these plants also need some care to grow healthy.

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