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Bursera fagaroides

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Bursera fagaroides are commonly known as Fragrant Bursera, Elephant Tree, Fragrant Elephant Tree, or the Whitebark tree. The drought-tolerant elephant tree plant belongs to the Burseraceae family. It is a flowering plant that grows mainly in the Sonoran Desert, Mexico, and Arizona in the US. The tree is dormant for most of the year, but it grows at a fast rate as a shrub or a small tree during summers. The usual height in its native location is about 3 to 10 meters. But it can be cultivated as an elephant bonsai tree. It loves the full sun even though it is slightly frost-hardy. In late summer or early fall, the tree sprouts into creamy white flowers that grow singly or in a cluster.

Growth Rate
Whether elephant trees are indoors or outdoors, they have a fast growth rate during the growing season, mostly in summer. For the rest of the year, the tree is dormant.

With good Bursera fagaroides care, the full-grown tree or its bonsai sprouts into small white flowers. These can grow as single flowers or in clusters. The blooming season starts in late summer and continues till early fall.

Watering and Feeding
For proper elephant tree care, water the tree infrequently as it is highly drought-tolerant.

In its natural habitat, it loves rocky as well as sandy soil and substrates. While cultivating Bursera fagaroides bonsai, remember to use a well-drained soil mix.

The elephant plant tree is slightly frost-hardy. The hardiness zone for best growth is 9b to 11a.

Elephant trees need full sun for at least half a day for healthy growth.

The easiest way to propagate is through elephant tree seeds. Cuttings can also be used.

The elephant tree has medicinal uses. The resin is also used for making incense, oils, and perfumes. It is also popular as the ‘Frankincense of the Americas.’ Order Bursera fagaroides for sale from Planet Desert!

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