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Boston Fern

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There might be are over 200 types of fern, but that doesn't make the Boston Fern any less special. It is native to tropical areas of South America, and they are great at purifying the air in your home. This is a gorgeous plant with plenty of lush green, feather-like fronds.

The Boston Fern is said to be a symbol of sincerity, and according to old folk tales they're a sign of fairies living nearby.

Show me the humidity! This plant loves moisture, so don't let them dry out and aim to mist it regularly. For these reasons, it's a good bathroom plant. Also, try not to touch their fronds as this may might turn them brown - a case of look, but don't touch!

How to Keep me Happy

Light:I like bright, indirect light
Water:I like my soil to be kept moist
Expert Level:I'm perfect for those new to plant parenthood
W12cm x H20-30cm
W17cm x H45-55cm
I remove the nasties lurking in your room
Pet-Friendly:I'm safe around your furry friends and little people
Latin Name: Nephrolepis Exaltata

Decorative pot not included.
(45-55cm Pictured)

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