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Adromischus alstonii

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Adromischus alstonii is a nice silver succulent with fairly flat wedge-shaped leaves, though thick, which are beautifully marked in chocolate spots colour giving them a marbled appearance.

Habit: Low growing perennials leaf-succulent forming small clusters or mats.

Inflorescence: A thyrse with l(-2)-flowered cymes, grey-green, erect, 20-35 cm tall.

Flowers: Tubular, pale yellowish green. Corolla-lobes 2,5-5 mm acute, white or tinged pale pink. mauve along margins, spreading to recurred. Lower lobes and throat with club-shaped hairs. Anthers not protruding from corolla-tube pedicels 2-3 mm long. Buds thin, straight gradually tapered toward tips, spreading.

Flowering season: Summer

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