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Aloinopsis malherbei

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Aloinopsis Malherbei goes by the common name Miniature Blue Fan” or “Giant Jewel”. This succulent is fan or spoon-shaped. South Africa is its native place and Aizoaceae is its biological family. Being dormant in the summertime, Carillo Agave can grow up to a height of 2 inches.

Growth Rate

The Miniature Blue Fan is a slow grower and takes time to bloom out and needs to be nurtured well.


Aloinopsis Malherbei produces yellow-colored flowers from mid-winter until early spring.

Watering and Feeding

The Giant Jewel needs to be watered all year round since it will grow only when it receives water. Keep the watering to a minimum level during the winter season. Feed the succulent only once during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer.


Use a shallow pot for the best results. The plant can do well in a variety of soil types, but they do their best in a porous potting mix as it increases drainage.


Aloinopsis Malherbei grows best between mid-winter and early spring. Keep in mind its frost tolerance of anywhere above -5° C (23° F). Talking about its hardiness, it comes from the zone of 10a to 11b.


The Miniature Blue Fan requires full sun as the sunlight brings out the best colors. Avoid too many hours of sun exposure during the summertime. It does not appreciate full shade.


Do it with offshoots. Remove a lateral shoot and insert it deep into the soil. The shoot should root within a month.

This excellent potted plant is ideal for both the windowsill and your garden. It is also widely used for gifting purposes.

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