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Aloe vera chinensis

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Aloe Chinensis belongs to the Asphodelaceae family and is also known as the Medicinal Aloe or Lily of The Desert. Offering a dormancy of winters, this succulent is lance-shaped and can grow up to 18 inches tall. It is originally from South Africa.

Growth Rate

One massive reason why homeowners love this succulent is because of its ability to grow at a fast pace. Rapid growth along with the number of offers it produces is a perfect combination!


In spring and summer, you will witness pale orange-colored aloe vera chinensis flowers blooming from the plant. The leaves will be lance-shaped with soft whitish teeth.

Watering and Feeding

Typically, it will take anywhere from two weeks to a month for the soil to dry entirely, at which time you can add water. The succulent does not require feeding for growth.


For the best aloe vera chinensis care, use sandy and gravelly soils. However, commercial potting soils mixed with sand, perlite, or similar substrate in a 1:1 ratio can be used too.


Chinensis Aloe is not cold-tolerant and this is reflected in its frost tolerance of -2°C. Protect the succulent from both direct sun and intense cold since it has a hardiness zone of 8 to 11.


This medicinal aloe grows best under the full sun. However, if you do live in a very hot climate, make sure you provide them with partial shade or filtered sunlight.


Extracting the dozens of sprouts this plant will give you each year is one obvious method of propagation. Another one is through the extraction of stems.

Did you know that this medicinal aloe is similar to the well-known Aloe vera, but with shorter leaves that tend to be marked with white spots?

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